Better Enzymes for a healthier future

Movie: In the EU-project HOTZYMES, this is achieved by coupling enzymes to magnetic nanoparticles to individually control their optimal temperature by using a new generation of magnetic bioreactors.

The Potential of the Microbiome

Movie: Get insights into microbiome research and discover that the microbiome is fundamental for plants and contain an amazing set of molecules, such as volatiles that can be used for sustainable agriculture …

Microbiome colouring booklet

Colouring-Booklet: Microbes are everywhere in the food chain. Most of the time they have a health benefit for us humans and the habitat in which they live.

Data Analytics in Life Sciences

Movie: The Life Sciences industry is entering a phase of radical change. Technology-driven trends powered by data and AI are transforming healthcare delivery to increase value. In this sense, data acts as an enabler to connect science and technology in a meaningful way, empowering patients and encouraging collaboration between participating parties.