Better Enzymes for a healthier future

Movie: In the EU-project HOTZYMES, this is achieved by coupling enzymes to magnetic nanoparticles to individually control their optimal temperature by using a new generation of magnetic bioreactors.

Mikrobiom Malbuch

Malbuch: Mikroben sind überall in der Lebensmittelkette. Meistens haben sie einen gesundheitlichen Nutzen für uns Menschen und den Lebensraum, in dem sie wohnen …

Microbiome colouring booklet

Colouring-Booklet: Microbes are everywhere in the food chain. Most of the time they have a health benefit for us humans and the habitat in which they live.

New value out of sugar

Movie: Sugar beet is an important resource for European sugar production. However, the sugar quota has fallen and sugar beet farmers faced the problem that also the prize of sugar beets dropped down significantly.

Battle for Cattle

Online-Game: Help our farmer to keep the cows healthy! MycoSynVac aims to provide new types of vaccines and thus new solutions to help tackle a major public health concern: antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is mainly due to an overuse and misuse of antibiotic.