You are currently viewing ConCO<sub>2</sub>rde – a training network about the utilization of CO<sub>2</sub>

ConCO2rde – a training network about the utilization of CO2

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Language: English
Alter: 14+
Provided by: Dr. Barbara Petschacher (acib GmbH), Georgeio Semaan (MSCA PhD student), Sophie Salchinger-Koch (FFG Summer Internship)

ConCO2rde is a European training network project that uses the power of specific microorganisms to utilize renewable energy for their growth on CO2 as a substrate. The educational program for PhD students focusses on strain development and process engineering in order to make these autotrophic microorganisms fit for industry. Project manager Barbara and PhD student Georgeio talk about their work and give some insights into a MSCA training network.