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Lemon Battery

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Language: English
Alter: 10+
Speaker: Dong-Min Lee

Have you ever seen a lemon?

Of course yes! Did you know that you can use it to produce energy? We are talking about the lemon battery. It`s really simple and you can create your own battery at school with the help of your teacher. Follow the video to discover the power of the lemon!

What is it about?

The lemon battery is a simple battery often prepared for educational purposes. In the standard configuration, a piece of copper and zinc is placed in direct contact with the juice contained inside the lemon. The power is generated by a chemical reaction that takes place between the two metals because of a difference in electronegativity (capacity to attract electrons). The lemon is only a means of transport for the electric charges. As you will see in the video, this energy can be used to power small devices, like a light-emitting diode (LED).
This battery reminds the first electrical battery invented by Alessandro Volta around 1800. The zinc and copper are called electrodes, while the lemon juice is called electrolyte and it allows the passage of current between the two metals.

What is required?

• 5 Lemons
• Electric wires
• Copper bars (even copper coins)
• Zinc bars
• Multimeter